Prepare Your Home to Sell With Less Hassles

Selling your home can be a very stressful and frustrating time for many homeowners because they get overwhelmed early on and lose hope when the home does not sell after the first showing or during an open house. If you want to sell your home more easily, be sure that you incorporate a few of these simple selling techniques today from our friends a Charleston SC homes for sale.

1. Remove the Clutter – The potential home buyer wants to imagine what their stuff is going to look like in your home. They do not want to have to expend the energy imagining your stuff gone and their stuff in place, so make it easy for the, Remove the clutter by renting out a local storage unit and get all that stuff you don’t use boxed and out the door.

2. Take Down Pictures – Start taking down all the family pictures you have around the house. A new buyer wants to walk in and see a neutral tone, something they can see their family growing in and now yours. Make the house look like a model house for any potential buyers.

3. Freshen Up the House – Don’t worry about the cost to freshen up the house because you can add a few dollars on to the house price and sell the house faster this way. Have a painter add a fresh coat of neutral paint to the living room and dining room, then vacuum, dust, and clean each day before potential buyers arrive.

4. Leave the House – Nothing can be more uncomfortable for a potential buyer than walking through your house and seeing your family sulking in the kitchen, living room, or bedrooms waiting for them to leave. Soon as you hear a buyer is coming to look at the house, get everyone up and out for a little while. This little inconvenience could make all the difference in your selling the home in record time.

5. Lighten Up – Make your home interior more appealing by opening the blinds, crack some windows for fresh air, turn on lights, tun on ceiling fans, anything to lighten up the appearance. Try to make the inside of the house more appealing so your potential buyers can imagine this is their home.

These little things to prepare the house to sell may be slightly bothersome for you, but compared to having the house stuck on the market for months or years, this is a very tiny price to pay. Get your house in model shape and it will sell in less time.  For more information visit:

Also, visit HUD form more consumer info on buying and selling your home…