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Prepare Your Home to Sell With Less Hassles

Selling your home can be a very stressful and frustrating time for many homeowners because they get overwhelmed early on and lose hope when the home does not sell after the first showing or during an open house. If you want to sell your home more easily, be sure that you incorporate a few of these simple selling techniques today from our friends a Charleston SC homes for sale.

1. Remove the Clutter – The potential home buyer wants to imagine what their stuff is going to look like in your home. They do not want to have to expend the energy imagining your stuff gone and their stuff in place, so make it easy for the, Remove the clutter by renting out a local storage unit and get all that stuff you don’t use boxed and out the door.

2. Take Down Pictures – Start taking down all the family pictures you have around the house. A new buyer wants to walk in and see a neutral tone, something they can see their family growing in and now yours. Make the house look like a model house for any potential buyers.

3. Freshen Up the House – Don’t worry about the cost to freshen up the house because you can add a few dollars on to the house price and sell the house faster this way. Have a painter add a fresh coat of neutral paint to the living room and dining room, then vacuum, dust, and clean each day before potential buyers arrive.

4. Leave the House – Nothing can be more uncomfortable for a potential buyer than walking through your house and seeing your family sulking in the kitchen, living room, or bedrooms waiting for them to leave. Soon as you hear a buyer is coming to look at the house, get everyone up and out for a little while. This little inconvenience could make all the difference in your selling the home in record time.

5. Lighten Up – Make your home interior more appealing by opening the blinds, crack some windows for fresh air, turn on lights, tun on ceiling fans, anything to lighten up the appearance. Try to make the inside of the house more appealing so your potential buyers can imagine this is their home.

These little things to prepare the house to sell may be slightly bothersome for you, but compared to having the house stuck on the market for months or years, this is a very tiny price to pay. Get your house in model shape and it will sell in less time.  For more information visit:

Also, visit HUD form more consumer info on buying and selling your home…

Justice Department Pushes to Legalize Real Estate Commission Rebates

The simple truth is that you would think that something that would benefit so many people in a turbulent industry would be welcomed by state officials. Real estate rebates in fact help to make the home buying process easier for buyers, faster sales for realtors, and even the industry as a whole enjoys the movement of inventory. Some states however have banned this practice and all its benefits, but today, the justice department pushes to legalize real estate commission rebates.real estate rebates

Why Legalize Real Estate Rebates?
The list of reasons for certain states to legalize real estate rebates is numerous. For one thing, many buyers put themselves in a position at closing to walk out with nothing because of all the costs involved. Receiving cash from the real estate agent in the form of a commission can go a long way to pay for many expenses that first month in the new house. Things like moving costs, utility deposits, food, repairs, and even furnishings, add up very quickly when you have no money that first month.

The Fight to Allow Everyone Rebates
The real estate rebate in fact benefits both the realtor and the real estate industry as a whole. When the market is stalled, everyone involved loses each day. When the realtor is allowed to offer a percentage of their commission to the home buyer in return for securing their services, two things happen. The realtor works even harder to make the deals because they are making less money, and that inventory starts moving and process begin to climb. This is a win-win for a stalled market and also for homeowners who can sell at higher prices as the inventory begins to get snatched up.

The Rebates are More Than Cash
The real estate rebate is more than just cash offered at closing, the realtors can be quite creative in finding ways to help buyers get through the long and difficult buying process. Some realtors decide rather than offer cash at closing, they will pay for some of the expenditures that start piling up for the new buyer during the process. Things like radon testing and home inspections are costly, just a few examples of services the realtor can pay for in exchange for doing business with the new client.

As the justice department pushes to legalize real estate commission rebates, hopefully this time next year everyone in the country will be able to enjoy the numerous benefits of this realtor practice.

Yacht Buying Tips for Getting Your First Big Boat From a Yacht Broker

yacht1Buying a yacht is a decision you make that will affect you for many years to come in a number of ways. If you make the right choice, you can spend countless hours this summer out on the water with family and friends creating memories that will last a lifetime. Choose incorrectly, you wind up frustrated and in debt to cover all those unexpected costs that you did not anticipate.

Consider these yacht buying tips before you cut that check for your boat and start looking for that yacht for sale:

Time Out on the Water
Consider where you live in the buying decision because if you can only enjoy your boat six months out of the year because of weather, you might be better of renting a boat a few weekends a year than making the full commitment. Break down how many days you could enjoy your boat and then weigh that into the decision because even if the boat is in dry dock, you are still paying for it.

The Costs to Own a Boat
In addition to the cost for the yacht itself, grab a pencil and paper and consider the following. Regardless how many times you get out on the water, you have license, permit, and insurance fees all year. The boat needs to be maintained all year, and if it comes out for cold weather, you have to pay to winterize it. If you can not keep it in your driveway, you pay for boat storage all year-long. These fee add up fast, so be sure to consider everything.

Spend a Day Off at a Boat Show
Not only can you see all the variety in different type boats at the boat show, you get to pick the brains of all the people there hosting the event. Here is your chance to find out the good and bad of each boat, what new features are coming out this year, and how a smaller boat with more features can be a smarter investment than a bigger boat with limited accessories. Ask as many questions as you can before you make that purchase.

Consider Some Boat Safety
No matter how great you are at swimming or boating, your passengers may not be as skilled as you, especially when trouble strikes. Taking a boat safety course will help inform you of all the potential troubles that can arise when you are out on the water and away from any immediate help. The course will inform you all the tools and accessories you must have on the boat to protect each of your passengers.

Boating With Your Friends
Before you make the final decision to buy a boat, spend time on the water in a friends boat. See what is involved with getting the boat to the marina, spend time on the seas to see if you love this lifestyle, ask about costs and unexpected expenditures. If you can enjoy times on the water before you buy, then you will be able to make a decision more informed and enjoy your purchase for the long-haul.

These boat buying tips should get you into the right frame of mind so that you enjoy all your time on the water.